Friday, August 24, 2018

The Wanderer -- poetry

In all the many years I have been traveling to Japan, I have never been a resident before. Don't get me wrong. After my first year, I still love living here.  My language skills are improving. I have even read handwriting -- no small feat.  I dive deeper into the culture, and that will enrich my further books.  Living here, I miss things -- festivals I want to attend completely slip my mind. I've yet to manage a free day at the beach. I saw summer fireworks by accident. The list of normal daily things dictate my days. It's taken longer than I would have expected to plan my upcoming research trip to Hokkaido for Book 6, as yet untitled, though I am now looking forward to it.  And yet, I finally feel like I'm home.

The Wanderer

Everywhere, the unquiet soul has said "not here, not yet."
Every place was hard to leave;
Every move a loss.
And yet...and yet...the voyager moved on.

It's never easy to give up
the people, sights and daily life
As itchy feet still yearn to move;
The journey incomplete.

Still, at last, there comes a time
of respite and of satisfaction.
Finally, home is found at last.
The wanderer's at peace.