Friday, May 18, 2018

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GDPR is a true bear.  Every single provider of internet services has paid a bunch of lawyers (I do like lawyers getting paid) to have its very own compliant language to give to its users.  Unfortunately, none of those pages are stand-alone.  Although they all claim to be all things to all people, they simply aren't.  All of them have to be somehow integrated.

I'm a lawyer.  I could have drafted compliant language in about a 10th of time time it has taken me to straighten this out.  It has nearly brought me to my knees, screaming.  Nothing works together.  And yet it must to do what I want it to do.

I think I have finally figured it out, and I hope to heck it is compliant (it should be) and that it works (it did in test runs).

What do I want it to do?

Give YOU a free book.

Because of GDPR it has a few more clicks, but your patience will be rewarded.  You'll also get exciting news about the upcoming publication of Book 5, Noriko's Journey, and notices of various other freebies, deals and special offers that might come the way of those who receive the FLY ON newsletter every so often.

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