Wednesday, July 26, 2017


As I get ready to leave Seattle for Japan, where I plan to live for the foreseeable future, I am pleased to see that the Internet is setting forth to do things I, living out of a carry-on and freakishly busy, can't manage, I find the first professional review of Book 4 has come in.   And it's a good one!

Here it is:

Title: The Toki-Girl and the Sparrow-Boy Book 4: Uncle Yuta has an Adventure
Author: Claire Youmans
Genre: Fiction/General Fiction (including literary and historical)
Audience: Young Adult
Word Count: 72,300
Plot: Youmans seamlessly introduces readers to her characters in this fourth installment of the series. At times, there are seemingly random details and obvious foreshadowing, but overall the author has created a fantastical universe that readers want to learn more about.
Prose: The author's attention to detail, especially concerning food, is remarkable and noteworthy. The concise way chapters end keeps readers engaged. A splash of humor lends a personal tone to the writing.
Originality: The author's inclusion of art and photographs of artifacts is unique and adds credibility to her otherwise fantastical story. The series is reminiscent of other fantasy series, but still manages to feel fresh.
Character Development: Youmans creates realistic and relatable characters that make the book's supernatural elements seem natural. Readers will be engaged by the characters stories and interested in finding out what happens next.
Blurb: Youman's novel will delight fans of art historical fiction and fantasy alike. 
  • Plot/Idea: 7
  • Originality: 7
  • Prose: 8
  • Character/Execution: 8
  • Overall: 7.50
Report Submitted: July 26, 2017

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