Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A Quiet Competence

I've had a very productive day.  I left my hotel at 9:45, spent a while trying to figure out how to get on the freeway, and arrived at the dentist right on time.  Less than an hour later, with clean teeth and no needed work, I arrived at the eye doctor.  By 4 PM, having accomplished more than one might think possible, I was on my way back to the hotel.
This is Mexico.  Among other things, I got a pedicure, got my hair trimmed, got one pair of glasses repaired, got one set of lenses replaced and a new pair just for the computer.  They ARE nice!
This is Mexico, where things seem a little different -- decor and utilities can be a bit funky -- but everywhere where it counts, things are clean, in perfect repair, the very latest technology, but a lot of quick professionalism, a desire to be efficient, and an ability to enjoy the gorgeous hot day while getting, for example, two pairs of glasses ready to roll from walk in to pick up in less than three hours.
This is Mexico, where things are done with a quiet efficiency, a competence so solid you don't need to shout about it.  Perfection is the norm.
Everything is done without a desire to put on a show but a desire to do a first-class job as quickly as possible, but without stressing out over it.  That will happen 95% of the time and the other 5% isn't your doing anyway.  Why worry?  Just fix it.
Now I will sit by a lovely pool and drink whatever beverage is on offer tonight, and enjoy the sunset and stars.
I like Mexico.

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