Saturday, April 15, 2017

A new season! A new book!

Spring has finally spring.  The ski areas are closed and the lakes are open!  I have to get the new annual permit for my kayak.

The local Dollar Store sells solar lights for a dollar each.  About half of the ones I use stop working each year.  I got the new ones in place yesterday.  The Thundercloud plum is blooming and I have planted Snow Peas.  The needles are raked up and the house looks good.
Now we wait until the second week of May to plant most garden crops.  It's still too cold at night, but right around 60F for daytime highs.  Great for hiking and boating, but not swimming yet!

While I wait, I am right into production mode for Uncle Yuta has an Adventure, Book 4 in The Toki-Girl and the Sparrow-Boy series.  I am proofreading again, and touching up usage as I extract Japanese words for a glossary.  At the same time I'm selecting illustrations.  I'll write the back cover and other front and back matter, and put it all together before it goes to the Formatter, then copy editing, and then...IT WILL BE OUT!

This series grows in complexity as the characters grow up.  While Book 1 is short and simple, each book increases in length, the issues become more complex as the times change at breakneck speed.  This latest book was so much fun to research and write!  I know you'll enjoy it.

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