Monday, February 20, 2017

Late Winter Poem

Mist on the lake;
The snow on the ground glistens.
Not spring; not just yet.

Fortunately, we're supposed to be getting Winter back next weekend.  I haven't skiied enough yet.
Book 4: Uncle Yuta has an Adventure is out for beta reads.  I don't have quite enough time because of the ESL teaching.  Maybe I can get significant skiing done from now until the areas close at (about) the end of March, but it's hard to manage more than one day a week right now.

Since Book 4 is out of my hands I am thinking about Book 5.  I like to end on turning points rife with possibilities.  I like to end before I am quite ready.  I like to know what happens next, at least in part.  It's things in the current book that lead to the next.  I want to work it out now, and put in clues when I rewrite, if they aren't already there.  It's going to be fun!

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