Sunday, December 4, 2016

Did 2016 kill social media?

Several people showed me clearly this year that they were people I don't want in my life, and were duly removed from my personal page on Facebook.   I find I stay off of Facebook most of the time now, and get rid of torture posts (hopefully forever) and all the bullshit, and there's not much going on in the Wonderful Worlds of Vegan/Vegetarian cooking, science, music, history, math jokes, literature and art.  I can't bring myself to post anything that's going to be responsed to with hatred, bile and personal attacks -- which can include such things as sports, recipes and art.  I am DONE.  Those people don't get to do that to me any more.

I am sick and tired of hearing all the horrible sexism and racism and lies that seem to go ON AND ON AND ON as though certain groups think they've been given a License to Hate.  No, I don't want to "get over it," because some things are too terrible to get over, and I'm NOT going to let you get away with that crap, or shove it in my face with accompanying calumny.  Your lies, hypocracy and double-think make me want to throw up.  I have better things, and more effective, things to do.  If that's who you are, I don't want to know you.

I trust no media at ALL, and haven't since I was in college, especially and particularly from the US, except maybe the NYT, Washington Post and CNN, and those with reservations and research.  Like always.  Nothing's changed there.  Boyz in the Basement and Treehouse News (NO GURLZ ALLOWED) are not now and never have been reliable news sources, and I'm tired of people pretending they are, and trying to get me to give them credibility, which isn't going to happen.
Lies do not become truth through repetition.  I am tired of advertisting masking itself as news and all the lying headlines.  Not interested.  I'll do real science research, not read your flipping, endless, ad, TYVM.

I rarely Tweet and never Instagram.  I take lousy pictures -- and who wants to look at me or still more nature scenes? -- and run short of time every day already without Tweeting "I'm running late" and "too much to do; not enough time" constantly.  Who cares?

I do this blog and the Toki-Girl and Sparrow-Boy accounts because I am told it is vital to do all these things (that a million other writers and wanna-bes are doing) to keep promoting my excellent and entertaining books.  I'm working on Book 4, in which Uncle Yuta Has An Adventure, right now.  The Meiji era wasn't always a happy place and strange things happened that adversely affected many people even as others became staggeringly rich, creating the basis of an economy that remains today.

I miss some of the people I've cut off or avoid because I used to think I liked them, overall.  Others I can't believe I wasted time on.  They are fools having temper tantrums, and I can't be bothered with their idiocy.

The prevelance of this rotton behavior, all the hatred, all the lies, all over the Internet makes me want to go back to the days of using this medium for reseach, which it's really good at.

Is social media dying because of all of this?

It sure is for me.

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