Friday, September 16, 2016

A great deal is coming/Phishing with Clickbait

On September 21, The Toki-Girl and the Sparrow-Boy Three Book Omni will be Book of the Day at  THREE WHOLE BOOKS for only $0.99.  This is a HUGE deal on some great , top-reviewed, books.

If you haven't started this amazing series, now's your chance.  E-book only.

Now for a rant:

I get a lot of pseudo-news in my Facebook feed.  It's all about "If you don't like this..." or "DO like that" click and vote/sign.   IF YOU DO, your input is not recorded unless you sign onto their spam list.'s all Clickbait and they are Phishing for your information so they can SPAM YOU ENDLESSLY asking for money, and tell all their little friends to do so, too.  I just won't do any of those. There is recent research (Pew, I think) that says those petitions do not do a damned thing, which sounds about right, just like those "post this as your status for one hour to support (whatever.)"  Those don't do a thing, not a single blinkity-blank thing.  I REALLY won't do that, as I do not respond well to any kind of blackmail.

In Writer-land, everything published right now about marketing one's books is all about "build your email list/facebook page likes" so YOU can spam people endlessly.  The frosting on the cake is that Facebook will only send your post to like 3 people out of 1500.  You must buy ads to reach more people.  Create web pages, landing pages, giveaways, etc., all to build that Magic Mailing List.  Which nobody has time to read.

That's the problem I see.  I love books.  I love to read.  I subscribe to several discount lists and have found some good authors I now follow through them.  With e-books now going for up to $15 EACH (total rip-off; sometimes more than the paperback, which actually costs the publishers money, which e-books don't) I need all the discounts I can get.  Those really costly ones by Big Name Authors from one of the FIVE big name publishers?  I'd like to benefit the authors, but I will not buy them.  I sign up on the waiting list at my wonderful public library.  That aside, as a working writer, I simply don't have time to read even the lists I deliberately subscribed to.  I do NOT have time for any more.

This method has overreached itself, and like any given MLM, has run out of an audience.  There IS something new out there, but the time to catch it is before every single person everywhere is doing it over and over and over.     If you have an idea for the Next Great New Thing, let me know.  Meanwhile, I'm back in the Meiji era, writing Book 4.  Remember September 21 at for a real deal on some really good books!

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