Tuesday, August 23, 2016

You're always a writer

I've been sick -- nothing serious and on the mend -- but that doesn't stop me from at least thinking about writing all the time!

I'm trying to read two hard copy books of literature of the Meiji-Taisho eras.

It's HARD.  First off, the books are large and cumbersome anthologies.  They're hard to cart around.

Second, they are both academic anthologies/translations and they're full of information that I am not sure I want.  I'd like to make up my own mind on the works.  I don't want to read reams of literary criticism.

Third, I will, though, because I read EVERYTHING.

Still, one book was very distanced from its characters.  Another has very obvious and deliberate author intrusion, but is involved with its characters.  More is coming.

Serious question, though.  Does literary criticism benefit me, as a writer of period fiction, or is it just confusing?

Wait and see.

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