Thursday, June 16, 2016


Galleys come out close to the end of the publishing process.  After the manuscript is formatted (used to be typeset) it comes back to the writer for a last pass.

I have GALLEYS!  I'll be working on them today and tomorrow, and then any changes will be made and the files will be uploaded for electronic formats AND for the hard copy of Together.

The hard copy will return with Bound Galleys (they look like the actual books will look) for a very final pass to make sure no errors crept in.

Since I am a terrible proofreader, there will be one or two.

THESE are what go out as ARCs.

The eformat copies will be just like the book.

Pagination and illustrations are hard in eformat, because the readers change things as they change the size of type and typeface they prefer.  I just found a typeface (aka font) that is specifically made for dyslexics to read.  It is easy, but it doesn't have the flowing soft feel that other fonts do.

We'll see.

I hadn't looked at the book for a couple of weeks.  It's good.  It's really good.  Adventure, folklore, danger, excitement, skill...



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