Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Toki-Girl and the Sparrow-Boy Book 3 TOGETHER

Titles are hard for me.  I can't think of a title until a book is nearly done.  How can I know what it's about until I can read it?

I think some people write to title.  That's more appropriate when the story is mostly about a single person and that person's changes, or when the story is about a particular place or event.

This part of the process is also hard for me.  After copy-editing, I'll just do a quick run-through, then off for formatting, and then I'll proof read.  And then...IT COMES OUT.

Books now come out in dribs and drabs, at this vendor this week, the next two weeks after, and some as many as several months after release.  During this period, Advance Review Copies are sent (the beginning) and the reviews start coming in.  Publicity starts.  It's exciting.

But my head's already off in the next adventure!

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  1. I see many more trips to Japan in your future!
    It looks like I can now post comments.
    Hope to see you soon.