Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I'm a Groupie with a Title

I love science.  That's my problem.  I love ALL of science -- biology, botany, zoology, icthyology, astronomy, cosmology, physics, astrophysics .  I love all of it too much to ever just pick one.

So I'm a groupie.  I hang out at the edges of several specific sciences, following new discoveries and theories with delight.  I don't participate because I lack the credentials and dedication the people who are actual scientists bring to their individual disciplines and research.  I cheer them on, I call them out.  It's a lot of fun.  I'm not even sure they know they have fans.

Why not follow an interest you don't really want to personally pursue as a career?  Here's a great picture from one of mine. They look kind of like dragons, don't they?  The picture is called "Pillars of Creation" and it is a photograph of Space, a very interesting and beautiful place.

Together,  which is the title of Book 3, is progressing nicely.  I'm working on illustrations now, and they're great.  More on that later.


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