Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Way

I am writing a book.  No surprises there.  I think it an important book, a book that needs care and attention to thrive, as do they all.

My work is vitally important to me.  I cannot let distractions get in the way of producing the best possible book.  

During this period of finishing the draft, of going over and over and over it to make sure the themes are clear, the characters' journeys forwarded, the adventure adventurous, the humor humorous, the culture authentic, the story flowing into a coherent, enjoyable whole, I need to concentrate on that.

I also have a life, a real-life life.  I need to attend to it to keep me whole.

So I am cutting my computer interactions for a while.  When this gets done, I'll be back and I may pop in now and again.

Book Three is coming and it is going to be so darned good!  Welcome, year of the Monkey.

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