Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Back on the snow again!

I spent last week in Mexico, where it wasn't as hot as I expected, just shirt, slacks and sandals comfortable, with a light-sweater chill at night.

While I enjoy Mexico despite my appalling Spanish, I was there for Part One of extensive and nasty dental work.  Part One should be the worst.  Part Two comes in March and Part Three about June.  Investigate this!  High quality -- same as US or better -- yet a quarter of the cost and far less of your time -- despite the travel and its attendant time and costs.

I'm still recovering, and on a slightly better than expected schedule.  I am happy to be home.

The areas opened as soon as possible, but with limited runs and schedules.  Naturally, I went up.  It looks so funny!  Naked except for the few open runs!

On Sunday a storm moved in.  This is the view from the top as the storm blew in.

Sunday night, we had 6" of Mother Nature's finest along with the cold weather that lets those snow guns roar.  Everything's supposed to open fully on Friday, giving all us skiers something to be thankful for on US Thanksgiving, November 26.

In Japan, Labor Day is right around US Thanksgiving, sometimes the same day, and that's fun, too!
The Toki-Girl and the Sparrow-Boy series books One and Two, are out and running.  Give a child a world.
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