Friday, October 9, 2015

Gorgeous Days, Chilly Nights, a little poem

Updated my Author Page and all the books now have editorial reviews posted.  You have to do them for each edition, and the requirements for some are different than others.  Huh?  See at Claire Youmans' Amazon Author Page.  This stuff is harder than one would think!

We have a last blast of warm(er) weather over the next few days.  No boats on the lake except the patrol.  I don't think it's going to stop me, though.

Our colors are like that here, except the deciduous trees are red and gold, and leaves begin to fall.

I think of autumn in Japan,
Fall colors brilliant under cerulean sky,
Clouds scudding by;
Whitecaps on the sea.
The ice cream vendors vanished with the change of seasons,
but there's still grilled mochi, dripping sweet sauce,
and the hope of red beans and rice, Osekihan, and
Roasted chestnuts.  I always buy a bag; I can never eat them all.
The sweet potato vendor pushes his smoking cart, redolent of the roasted potatoes, served in a twist of newspaper, his song reaching through an autumn rain, melancholy and joyous all at once.
Is it because it's harvest time that I always think of food
whenever I think of fall?

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