Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Autumn and Apple Butter -- poetry

Editorial Reviews are up on Amazon for The Toki-Girl and the Sparrow-Boy.  Those for The Toki-Girl and the Sparrow-Boy Book Two Chasing Dreams will go up later this week.  Both will be expanded as more reviews come in.  If you haven't posted your own review of either book, please do so.  It makes a huge difference in being able to actually reach the readers who will like these books!  Thanks.  Did I say I finished the first draft of Book Three Sunday night?  Aiming for publication in June 2016.  It's so much fun!

A single tree aflame with autumn foliage,
deciduous among the evergreens.

It was across the lake and I couldn't get a picture, but it leapt into an Emily Dickinson-ish sort of poem.  This is a good one, though.

Compared to Tim Durkan and Goshka Crew, I can't photograph my way out of a paper bag, but it's so beautiful here, I can't resist.  Check them both out on Facebook. You'll like.  You'll also recognize Tim's photos of the Blood Moon Eclipse.  You know -- the one with the Space Needle.

This poem came to me this morning.  Like a squirrel, I am suddenly impelled to gather, to harvest and put up for the coming winter.  I got a cord of wood in yesterday, all neatly stacked and covered.  I have a little fire going.  Everyone here succumbs to wishful thinking about winter because we need snow to ski, but if the squirrels and chipmunks are any indication, we're going to have a cold one.  If El Nino comes through, we're going to have a snowy one.  Consumed by my squirrel side, I felt a compulsion to make apple butter.  I started yesterday, with six pounds of apples, cooked in the crockpot overnight.  Ended this morning with 4 little jars.  I will use ten pounds next time.  It needs to cook, on low, for probably 10 hours using 10 pounds of apples.  Using the crockpot makes it an overnight recipe, but do stir occasionally.  I used my stick blender to get it completely smooth at the end.  Boiling water process 5 minutes at sea level, 15 or 20 up here.

Autumn falls on the mountains with a vengeance.  
Suddenly, I find myself building fires,
Wearing jackets,
Looking for gloves,
Putting the place to bed for the winter.

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