Friday, September 11, 2015


This photo is of American White Pelicans feeding on my lake, not far from my front door.  While perhaps half a dozen pelicans were around last winter, they move north to nest.  The Central California coast south to Panama is where they spend their winters.  Since this is Southern California, they might decide to winter here.  Or maybe they are snowbirds, moving south for the winter, and this is just a stop on the way.

The best news about these very large birds (length 50 - 70 inches; wingspans 95 - 120 inches) is that they like to eat common carp.  There is a bounty on carp in California mountain lakes.  Delicious though its Asian cousin may be, the common American carp is not a culinary winner for humans.  Pelicans like to eat them, so perhaps they'll collect the bounty on their catch before they head south.  If they do.

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