Thursday, September 10, 2015

Descent of White Dew

I've lived in the mountains for nearly a year.  I've experienced all but one month -- in progress -- and happily watched the seasons change.
As of September 7, we have entered what is called in the traditional Japanese two-weeks-each seasonal calendar, the time of the Descent of White Dew.
We are seeing dew here in the California mountains, and rain as the monsoonal flow from the east coupled with the remnants of a hurricane to the south bring us thunderstorms, lightning and bursts of heavy rain.
I find that climate and seasons matter to me.  I've enjoyed living in a place with four real seasons, watching them turn around me.  I don't think it's true -- though I read some study that purported to show it was -- that humans readily and happily adjust to wherever they live.  Oh, sure, we're an adaptable species and we are able to live in many environments.  Perhaps most people are happy whatever the local climate may be.
But I have lived in climates I did not like, and was less happy because of it.
Now, I have the gorgeous mountain late summer and autumn, plus I am living in early spring in Meiji-era Japan, where Azuki and Shota are engaged in new adventures.  Safely home, they are spreading their wings to help others.
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