Sunday, September 27, 2015

A beautiful sail

Shota loves to sail, and so do I.  I just got a sail for my kayak and took it out again today, when there was some actual wind.  It was so much fun!
People think kayaks are easy, one step up from an air mattress.  Though some kayaks can be used like that, mine likes a little more action.  It's a real boat, and I treat it as such.
That's good because the little sail looks adorable, but it's not that easy to use.  It's not a "set it and forget it" thing, even though it only goes downwind.  If the wind is blowing forward of your ear, it collapses.  It has all the controls of a big-boat spinnaker, but one person controls them all.  Your paddles are your rudders and leeboards, used as you need them.  It's happening all at once, and it is so much fun!
Here is a photo taken when the wind was calm enough to dig my phone out of its waterproof pouch and actually take a picture.

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