Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Wildfire with pictures

We have a wildfire here where I live.  It's contained, and in the last stages, but it was very frightening.  It was so close to occupied areas, on the very edge of the developable strip (Forest Service land surrounds us) the firefighters (AWESOME) gave it all they had.  It's not a BIG fire like they have in Washington, but a very dangerous one, because of its location.  I had an endless parade of helicopters over my house at a very low altitude as they came in to scoop up water from the lake.  We were packed to evacuate, but we didn't have to -- they did, four blocks or so over.
Here are pictures from my back porch, from shortly after it was spotted on Sunday to midday Monday.  It is cloudy today and it sprinkled a tiny bit this morning.  There are still smoke plumes rising.  Can you see the flames?  Whole trees were torching.

I wondered about wildfires in Japan.  I've never heard of one, though urban fires were gigantic disasters, and the firefighting systems in urban areas were well organized and well run.  Then I heard a giant typhoon is ravaging Japan right now.  Some 200,000 people evacuated.  Huge power outages. Massive damage, and one person missing.  My guess it's too wet for wildfires to take hold.  But every place has something.  I wish them well.

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