Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Life In LA-- Sorta.

I was in LA yesterday for an interview with Osiris Munir of FifteenMinutesThe Show -- the link will be up shortly.  GPS is liar; the drive took double what GPS said, and half again what I thought it would.  Traffic is horrid, public transportation is a joke.  We need to do what's done in Europe and make lots in remote areas and PROPER transportation that CONNECTS in the city, and actually goes places people need to go.

Check out reviews for The Toki-Girl-Sparrow-Boy Book Two Chasing Dreams!  From Bree Wolfe, author of Fireflies and Butterflies, on Amazon and Smashwords:

"At a quick pace the adventure moves forward, making you turn page after page, reading long into the night.  Highly recommended!"

Go see more!

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