Tuesday, July 28, 2015

More Fun Sites for Kids

Obviously, I am a science geek.  I love exploring the vastness of the universe.  Interesting information!  Great pictures!  Ways to roam while never leaving my chair.

A child who has an internet capable device needs thing to do with it.  Reading books is, of course, #1.
Finding out more about Things of Interest is #2.  While I do think there is value in playing games, I'd put that way down on the bottom of the list, right around where I put watching movies and television.  There's value in some of it, but there's more value in awakening minds to the universe around us and encouraging them to explore.  Not all sites are suitable for all age groups or interests, but poke around.  More importantly, give your child a start and let the child poke around.

Google Maps is always fun.  There are many other map sites as well.  Find your house!  Find out where you are!  Check out where you're going!  I wandered off in interesting directions just checking the link!

PBS provides series, documentaries, music, travel shows -- and the list goes on.  The website is always of interest and doesn't depend on schedules (or on what your local station chooses to show.)

Indians.org is a fun site run by the Native community, including history, art, stories, maps -- all kinds of good stuff showcasing the history and culture of America's First Peoples.

Art and More Art started as an educational resource for students in Indiana.  Now, it's so much more!  Galleries, projects, exhibits and fun for creative types.  Find ideas here!

Archaeology!  This wonderful site is for those who like to dig in the dirt and explore the past.  Just today, I saw several different ways to build houses, several mummies (and how they are studied), and a few birds.

There's five for today.

Lovely reviews for The Toki-Girl and the Sparrow-Boy Book Two Chasing Dreams.  This links to Amazon, where you can read the reviews and buy the beautiful hard copy or the Kindle edition.  All e-formats are available at Smashwords or the retailer of your choice.  After a bad experience with a good book that wasn't properly distributed by its publisher so nobody could actually BUY it, I am delighted to assure everyone that The Toki-Girl and the Sparrow-Boy series is available to bookstores, libraries, schools and YOU through all your regular distribution channels.  Read them:  they're good.

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