Thursday, February 12, 2015

Author or book?

Today, Anne Rice posted a 2010 Smithsonian article about Lewis Carroll and his possible impure thoughts concerning the real Alice, her sisters and other children he knew.  Nobody will ever know what he (or she) did or thought for sure, because all the principals have died, the culture of the era was very different in that girls often married (big enough, old enough theory) and single men often formed close relationships with the children of family, friends and neighbors, and nobody thought anything of it.  Nude photographs of children were common, often taken by their parents, and were considered artistic.  The innocence of childhood was celebrated.  People, in truth, thought a lot more than they acted, too.
What does this mean for the literary Alice?  I wonder if, either way, it should matter at all.  Shouldn't the work stand on its own?  Interesting questions, sure to provoke diverse answers.

Can't figure out how to get my iPad to link to the article.  Will do so through Twitter -- if I am lucky.  Usually I do this on Mamma Mac, who knows how.

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