Thursday, January 8, 2015

Not a local mountain: haiku

I was in a gorgeous place today, mostly new to me, with spectacular winter views, and no time at all to grab even single phone photo.
Instead, I'll see if I can toss off a haiku.  Haiku particularly are a form of poetry that is meant to be a spontaneous response to something immediate, capturing the emotion triggered by nature or event.   Of course, the 5-7-5 format refers to kanji and kana, not actually syllables, so haiku translated from the Japanese, or into Japanese, won't meet the requirements in the other language -- unless you are seriously fluent in both, and pretty good at haiku, too.  I think that would be very hard to do.
In this one, I have stuck to 17 syllables, but I haven't broken lines at the 5-7-5 breaks.  This, if I understand the form correctly, is fine.

My Day

The sky is cerulean, reflecting joy in the white of the snow.

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