Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Snowy day

While Azuki and Shota are rushing through an autumn landscape as I write Book Two, it's snowing where I am, and utterly gorgeous.  Morning is a good time to bake, to heat the house before the wood stove really kicks in.  So, today, I made fruitcake.  If you've only ever had commercial fruitcake, you haven't REALLY had fruitcake.  This is a "summer" fruitcake, that doesn't have to age before eating, and makes a smaller quantity.  The secret to real fruitcake is the liquor.  My recipe uses brandy for macerating the fruit, and the cooked cakes are spiked with brandy.  My larger classic recipe also uses brandy, and had to age six weeks, but even in my family growing up, it makes so much we'd usually break out the last cake sometime in the summer.  So good!
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These are out of the oven, on the counter, having just been spiked with brandy while hot!  I can testify that they taste great, too.

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