Wednesday, December 3, 2014


This fabulous interview was shot for 15 Minutes The Show!  The interviewer, Osiris Munir, brought up very interesting and adult topics.

One thing I'd like to add:  When Japan adopted its new Constitution in 1948, women -- whose rights had been curtailed mightily during the Edo period compared with previous times --  gained a lot, particularly in the areas of child custody and divorce, but no more than their Western sisters had at that time.  Since then, Japanese women generally have begun preferring a Western-style "equal partnership" model in their relationships with their men and their jobs and their governments.  This takes time, because Japanese women are judicious in what they are willing to trade for what they will gain and because Japanese systems are very different.  They also like their men, balanced marital partnerships are common, and many things about their society, including preferential treatment for mothers of young children, are things women don't want to give up.  Younger women are beginning to insist on the right to keep their birth names on marriage, which changes the way people are registered from "as families" to "as individuals," a major societal shift.  They continue to push for academic and business equality, and though the women I know are either professionals or business owners and do pretty much whatever they please, women's ability to rise in the big corporations remains very much curtailed.

Go check it out!  I can link to it, but I can't upload it.   It's worth seeing.

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