Tuesday, August 5, 2014

24 seasons

The traditional Japanese calendar includes 24 seasons, all very specific in terms of climate, extending to food and even wardrobe.  While this is a system formerly used by farmers, it is interesting and pleasant to follow these seasons as a way to see the subtle changes in the progress of the year.
This photograph was taken at a Temple in Tokyo during the season of Rikka, or Beginning of Summer, which began May 5.  The heat is just starting, there's a little rain now and then, and just a bit of humidity.  It is a very pleasant time of year.  This is when the azaleas bloom in the areas I frequent.

As I follow the adventures of Azuki and Shota, it's fun to follow the specific and narrow seasons of the traditional Japanese farmer's calendar.  I feel more attuned to the turning of the planet.
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